This class is for advanced students who want to expand their knowledge and competency in a variety of art styles and techniques. Students must complete a fundamentals course and receive a B+ or higher to sign up for this class.  Student work on class projects and independently driven work.  Students who sign up for this class are looking for a fun and challenging immersion into a higher level of artistic thinking and skill development. 

Altered Sketchbook Project

Elements and Principles Mixed Media Piece

Flower Still Life: Using the Five Skills of Drawing from Life

Large Grid Drawings: Portrait

Organic Still Life: pen, ink, watercolor and/or scratchboard

Bike Still Life Drawing

Contour Line Still Life

Contour and Gesture: Pen and Ink

Charcoal Still Life: Bones and Skulls

Surrealism: Charcoal Drawing Project

Chalkboard Art: Halloween Theme

Word Art and Poster Design: Robert Indiana inspired painting project 

Step By Step Food Drawing: showing metamorphosis and change