Role Reversal

Today the students had off school so teachers could attend various workshops and trainings. As an art teacher I love to take art classes, so I organized a day of art workshops for all of the district art teachers. Thank you to the NW Art Center in Duvall for hosting our event. It was an a amazing day of collaboration and art making. 


Our instructor walked us through the stages of child development and how children draw when they are in each stage. We then drew as if we were a child in that stage. I layered my drawing and allowed each stage to be visiable through the process.   


Inside Out Project

I assigned an identity piece to 6th period AP Art for their final project. The idea is that students have to create a piece that in some way uses an article of clothing but the clothing must act as a metaphor for themselves. The exterior of the clothing should represent how you think the world sees you. The inside of the clothing should reveal who you really are, how you wished the world would see you and/or who you want to become. The students solved this challenge with a variety of creative solutions. They also had to present their piece to the class during the last week of school. 


Karina Rubio-Felix


Kate Hickox


Addi Freiheit

Emma Cremeen

Emma Cremeen

James Moery

James Moery


This fall I had the opportunity to travel east to Boston for my cousin's wedding. Although it was only a long weekend trip, I was still able to take in some local sights and see some awesome art at the Museum of Fine Arts. Visiting museums inspire me, my art and my teaching!  Here are a few of the masters I was fortunate to see.


Last year Mr. Ruhland and the ASB came to me to discuss the creation of new murals in our school.  With the position as yearbook advisor behind me I decided to take on a mural club for the 2015-16 school year. It isn't an official "club" it is basically a mix of Art Club painters and AP Art students who have the drive and desire to paint the walls of CHS. Meghan Walker came up with the idea to make a space themed mural with each planet representing different movements of art. Check out our first mural project!