AP Studio Art (Drawing and 2-D Design)

Breadth Section Checklist DUE 9/26

Space and Spatial Systems

I have art that shows:


Linear Perspective

Other Perspective
(Worm’s Eye View, Aerial View, etc.)

Interesting views or points of view

Varied compositional techniques including: leading lines, rule of thirds, lling the frame, level horizon, framing

Shadows, re ections, transparency

Exploration of Various Subjects

I have subject matter that includes:


Human Figure
Self Portrait
Landscape and/or Natural Elements Still-Life Objects
Other Subjects
Figure/Ground Relationships

Distinct Foreground, Middle Ground, Background

Exploration of Various Content

I have ideas that come from:


Social Commentary/Political Statements Expression of Emotion or Ideas Imagination or Psychological Imagery Personal Interests

Variety of Media and Techniques to Represent Form and Space

I have art that shows the following styles:


Rendered (Realistic)
Gestural (Loose and Free-Flowing) Expressive (Showing Emotion)
Stylized (Personal, Distinct Style) Abstract
Graphic Design (poster, book cover, or ad)

Works That Are Completed (List):

Thumbnails of Completed Work:

Works in Progress that Need to Be Finished:

Works that Need to Be Started:

Works I Should Scrap/Re-Do:

Works I’ve Photographed:

Works I Need to Re-Photograph: