Design Challenge 1, DUE Friday 9/20/19

Title: “Hello My Name Is”

This is a branding challenge for yourself. You will design a logo for yourself, a design that represents you. You will have to self-promote yourself with this logo. Consider what types of shapes, lines, colors etc. represent you.

Sketch 3 ideas. In the 4th sketch apply the logo and show how you would use it in either a website, brochure, business card…just a real life application.

Write one sentence that describes how the logo represents you.

Design Challenge 2, DUE Friday 9/27/19

Title: “Industrial Design- Parts, Purposes, Complexities”

Find a tool like a hot glue gun, hair dryer, drill, mixer, food processor…etc.  it is very important to look closely at objects and systems in order to notice their intricacies, nuances, and details.

1.    Draw the entire tool in detail.

2.    Draw each individual part and pieces on the same page or different page.

3.    Attempt to label some of the parts in your drawings. Be creative and makeup names for the parts if don’t know the names.

 Design Challenge 3, DUE Friday 10/4/19

Title: “Old to New”

Look up old advertisements for Volkswagon and Macintosh from the 1980’s and before.

Sketch 1: Sketch your favorite old(1980's and before) Volkswagon ad

Sketch 2: Sketch your favorite old(1980's and before) Macintosh ad

Sketch 3: RE-design one of the old Volkswagon ads so it fits into contemporary times, how do you upgrade it??

Sketch 4: RE-dedesign one of the old Macintosh ads so it fits into contemporary times, how do you upgrade and re-design this ad?

 Design Challenge 4 , No school on Friday so DUE Monday 10/14/19 

Title: “Re-thinking the color blue”

One of America’s most popular colors is blue. There are so many variations on the hue-from images of the ocean to the color of the flag.  This challenge is about how many different ways you can interpret the color blue.

A NEW magazine called BLUE just hired you as a designer to brainstorm ideas. You don’t have to restrict yourself to literal interpretations.

Sketch 1: Design the new cover for this magazine that has things solely associated with the idea of blue.

Sketch 2:  Make a list of articles that might appear in this magazine, list at least 5.

Sketch 3: Draw the title and illustration that would go with one of the articles you listed above

Sketch 4: Design a second page in the magazine, think layout and images

 Design Challenge 5, DUE Friday 10/18/19

Title: “Space Re-design”

Your personal spaces where you tend to spend a lot of time become like second nature in your daily routines. Like your bedroom, the CHS commons or one of your classrooms.  Reconsider one of these spaces as a designer. How could you improve upon the space?

Sketch 1: Make a map of the current location. It could be an above view.

Sketch 2: brainstorm in a list format things that make this space good or bad. List the purpose of the space. List things that you find could improve about the space. Make some observations, how do you interact with the space. Does the space feel comfortable? Does it flow?

Sketch 3 and Sketch 4: Create a new design with improvements.  What is a new solution to improve this space? Create a new map. Make notes, labels and commentary on exactly how your new sketch meets the challenge.

Design Challenge 6, DUE Friday 10/25/19

This week I'd like for you to just draw and design what you like, what you enjoy, what interests you, basically make whatever you want in your sketchbooks. Use whatever materials you have available and whatever techniques you want to try. MAKE FOUR PAGES.

Design Challenge 7, DUE Friday 11/1/19

VIDEO GAME WORLD DESIGN: A game world is not just a backdrop for your game—be it minimal or detailed, contained or part of a much bigger universe, it provides the context for your player. Ultimately, a game world should feel alive and wholly unique to any player who will experience it.

Sketch 1:  Sketch a current world from a popular game or a favorite game of yours.

Sketch 2: Sketch a concept for a game world based on a location in your real life. Write a few notes about why this fits with a game concept you made up.

Sketch 3: Sketch a concept for a game world, but consider MOOD and AMBIENCE in your design. Write a few notes and consider the addition of color in your sketch.

Sketch 4: Sketch a concept for a game that takes place outside. Consider movement, and how the player will move through the world. This impacts the design of the world. Write a few notes.  

Design Challenge 8, DUE Friday 11/8/19

Sketch 1: Collage an interesting image using scraps of paper found in the scrap bin or from old magazines.  It must include REDs, ORANGEs, YELLOWs, GREENs, BLUEs, and PURPLEs

Sketch 2: Sketch a cereal box or other food product focusing on the packaging design and layout.

Sketch 3: Sketch a drink, focusing again on the packaging design, layout and logo.

Sketch 4: Sketch an original packaging design for a product that doesn’t fit into a traditional form like a cube. Remember target audience and the purpose of getting someone to pick up your product. 

Design Challenge 9, DUE Friday 11/15/19

Typefaces and Font Designs

 Sketch 1: Look up the word typography and write up a definition.

Sketch 2: Do a Google image search for Typography and sketch one of the more interesting designs that you find.

Sketch 3: Use letters/fonts/typeface to create a picture of a person, place or object.

Sketch 4: Look at the most widely used typeface on the planet, Helvetica, and do a Re-design of the font. Use the letters A-B-C to re-design the classic look of Helvetica. For example you could make the corners a little curvy or the font thinner.

Design Challenge 10, DUE Friday 11/22/19

Why are the following artist/designers considered some of the most influential designers from the 20th century?


Sketch 1: Look up the famous chair designers, Charles and Ray Eames.

Sketch their famous chair design, the Eames Chair. Why did Time magazine name this one of the greatest designs of the 20th century?


Sketch 2: Who is Frank Gehry? Sketch one of his buildings. What makes his designs so unique compared to an average building?


Sketch 3: Who is Manolo Blahnik? Sketch one of his designs? Why are his designs so famous?


Sketch 4: Who is Jonathan Ive? What did he design? Sketch an example. What made his designs so innovative and groundbreaking?

Design Challenge 11, DUE Friday 12/6/19: You should be spending at least 15 minutes per drawing, I will not give full credit for poor effort.

Sketch 1: Create a Design that shows symmetrical balance. Consider the principles of compositional movement when sketching your design.

Sketch 2: Create a Design that shows asymmetrical balance. Consider the principles of compositional movement when sketching your design.

 Sketch 3: Create a Design that incorporates and focuses on the Principle of Pattern and Rhythm. Consider trying an organic pattern with flowing irregular rhythm.

 Sketch 4: Create a Design that uses the Principle of Contrast to show an image with

 an Emphasis or a focal point. 

Design Challenge 12, Due Friday 12/13/19 You should be spending at least 15 minutes per sketch, I will not give full credit for poor effort.

Sketch 1:  Search for a fashion design online that is part of famous designer's 2019 spring collection. For example, you could image search Calvin Klein's spring collection and sketch one of the outfits you see.

Sketch 2: Look up one of these three designers and sketch one of their fashion designs. VERSACE ,  PIERRE CARDIN, or DONNA KARAN OR Sketch one of the fashion designs worn at this year’s Met Gala(write the name of the designer by your sketch)

Sketch 3: Create your own fashion design for a specific season, sketch it.

Sketch 4: Create a second fashion design for a different season and sketch it.

Design Challenge 13, Due Friday 12/20/19

Make 4 Sketches of various different styles and designs of furniture. Look at items like chairs, couches, tables etc.

Design Challenge 14, Due Friday 6/7/19

Interior Design

  1. Design and sketch the interior of a bedroom.

  2. Design and sketch the interior of a family room, play room or basement.

  3. Design and sketch the interior of a kitchen or bathroom.

  4. Design and sketch the interior of the ultimate Tree House.

    You should be spending at least 15 minutes per drawing, I will not give you credit for poor effort. Use whatever materials are available to you.

Design Challenge 15, Due Friday 6/14/19

This week you can just draw/sketch FOUR images of whatever you want, it can be anything at all just keep it appropriate. You should be spending at least 15 minutes per drawing, I will not give you credit for poor effort. Use whatever materials are available to you.























Sketchbook 13 and 14: Due Tuesday 1/20 and Friday 1/23

4 Sketches of your ideas for the Duvall Fire Fighters art contest. Click here to see the handout with contest criteria. 

1  Final drawing on white paper with pen and color pencil. Remember only 3 colors allowed. 

Sketchbook 12: Due Friday Jan. 9th

Sketch1: Sketch a chair.  Draw from real life not a photo.

Sketch 2: Sketch a table, couch or bed. Draw from real life not a photo.

Sketch 3: Sketch a piece of furniture you find in a magazine or online. Find a design you admire.

Sketch 4: Sketch an idea for an original chair. 

Sketchbook 11: Due Monday Dec. 8th

Sketch 1: Sketch ideas for your fashion piece.

Sketch 2: Sketch ideas for your fashion piece. 

Sketch 3: Sketch ideas for your fashion piece.

Sketch 4: Free Draw!

Sketchbook 10: Due Monday Nov. 17th

Create four sketches that revolve around the theme of the Environment. 

Sketchbook 9: Due Monday Nov. 10th

Sketch 1-2: Collage a color wheel using magazine scraps/pages.  Include all values of yellows, reds, blues, greens, oranges, and purples. 

Sketch 3-4: Design a cereal box. First invent a new cereal brand and then consider both color, typeface and layout design. 

Sketchbook 8: Due Monday Nov. 3rd

Free Draw x 4 pages. Draw, paint or collage whatever you feel like creating on four pages or sections of your journals. 

 Sketchbook 7: Due Friday 10/27


 Sketch1-2: This will equal two sketches.

 Look for examples of the alphabet in real life.  You can use your cell phones or a camera to complete this assignment, see attached handout for examples. If you do not have access to a camera then sketch the letters you find in environment. Draw them in small thumbnail (1” or 2”) boxes, but only do 13 of the letters since it will take much longer to draw them vs. photographing them.

You do not have to print the pictures, just bring your cameras/phones on Monday.


Sketch 3-4: This will also equal two sketches.

Design the masthead(Title) and cover for a new magazine devoted solely to things that are associated with the idea of blue. Consider the magazine name, suggestions for art and what kinds of articles you think the editor should include. Most importantly consider the typography and what it says about your magazine.

Don’t restrict yourself to literal interpretation

Sketchbook 6: Due Friday 10/17

In the following sketches, consider your Typeface and Font choices and how they influence the design.


Sketch1: An editor at a major publishing company has contacted you and asked if you’ll brainstorm cover concepts for a book about the perceptions of beauty. Ironically, the book is titled Ugly by author Jane Kingslaner.

Sketch 2: Brainstorm and sketch a second concept for the book Ugly.


Sketch 3: A beverage company has contacted you to brainstorm label and packaging ideas for a new power-energy drink called Vibe.  The company wants to stress the fact that their drink is of course “different” from the other energy drinks on the market in that it is made from organic ingredients and 100% all natural.

Sketch 4: Sketch a second idea for the energy drink label/packaging.  

Sketchbook Assignment 5: Due Monday 10/10

Logo: A symbol or other small design adopted by an organization or business to identify its products, uniform, vehicles, etc: "the Olympic logo".  SHAPES, LINES, SINGLE LETTERS AND/OR WORDS are often used within a logo design.

 Sketch1: Sketch a corporate, small business or Non-Profit logo design that you find interesting and visually appealing. Look online, around school, around Duvall/Carnation/Redmond or your home to find this example. 

Sketch 2: Sketch another corporate, small business or Non-Profit logo design that you find interesting and visually appealing. Look online, around school, around Duvall/Carnation/Redmond or your home to find this example.

 Sketch 3: Brainstorm! Make a list of 5-10 possible pretend companies, businesses or Non-Profits that you would like to work for or start.

Sketch 4: Sketch an idea for a logo design to go with one of the items on your list.

Sketch Journal Assignment 4, Due Friday 10/3

 Create FOUR pages of anything you would like to express about the theme of MUSIC. Experiment and explore some new ideas and techniques on these pages.  YOU CAN DRAW, PAINT, COLLAGE OR WRITE. YOU CAN ALSO CREATE YOUR IMAGES ON TOP OF PREVIOUS DRAWN ON PAGES.


Sketchbook Assignment 3: Due Monday 9/29(I will be absent on Friday)

Sketch 2: Draw a contour line drawing of an object.  Draw a shape around this object.  Now color in the “negative space”.  Your object now appears in the white space and your negative space is a dark color.  

 Sketch1: Find an ordinary everyday SYMBOL (ex. Street sign) and alter it into a new design.

 Sketch3: Overlap, distort and/or alter two or more letters in your name and create a logo for yourself.  Add color if available and think about what colors represent you.

Sketch 4: Use the name of an object to draw the object. For example, you could repeat the word strawberry over and over again to form the image of a strawberry. 


Sketchbook Assignment 2, Due 9/19

Sketch 1: Draw 10 different types of line. Observe the inside of your hand and draw the many lines you see.

Sketch 2: Draw an image that uses either organic or geometric shape

Sketch 3: Use value to draw an image that shows form.

Sketch 4: Use color to draw an image that has texture. 

Sketchbook Assignment 1, Due 9/12

Directions: Your first assignment is about getting over the fear of a blank book and allowing for freedom and creativity. You will simply be covering pages with backgrounds and borders that will be drawn over top of in future assignments. Each page can now be “used” and hopefully the white page syndrome of the sketchbook will fall by the wayside. Remember you are not creating finished works, but creating interesting surfaces or borders to draw onto later.


You could draw a border around a page that is made up of doodles with pencil or pen-Put your drawing tool on a page -Close your eyes and draw for 30 seconds - Create a two color wash on the page.(wash=watered down paint, or watercolor) - Collage text on the page - Scribble on the page with pencil; blend with a paper towel to create a value - Create a one color wash on the page - Cut squares in the page - Draw a childlike drawing on the page and paint over it - Create a repetitive pattern on the page using a geometric shape - Find a simple object and cover the page with simple contour drawings of it - Using muted colors paint a page - Create a texture on the page with paint by lifting paint with a towel - Create a negative space painting with a wash - Cover the page with writing about your first day and summer - Collage random pieces on the page - Cut strips of colored paper and glue to the surface - Doodle on the page with a pen - Trade books and have another student treat the surface of a page - Tear a page out and re-collage onto another page - Find a leaf outside - Represent the leaf in some way on the page.