AP Studio Art

Homework Link: weekly sketchbook prompts  

Summer Assignment Link: due the first week of school

Breadth Checklist: Click here and use this guide to help assess your current breadth section in your portfolio. 

AP Studio Art explores a variety of media and techniques in drawing and 2D design.  It is a directed approach for the very dedicated and self-motivated art student.  This course will follow the curriculum set for AP Studio Art Portfolio which will challenge students at a collegiate level. A portfolio presentation, a sketchbook / journal and outside work is required of all students. This is a rigorous class with challenging projects and deadlines that must be met.  Students who sign up for this class are looking for a fun and challenging immersion into a higher level of artistic thinking and skill development. 

College credit may be available based on passing the AP test and on individual university requirements.


Altered Journal Project

Flower Still Life: Using the Five Skills of Drawing from Life

Bike Still Life Drawing

Impasto Style and Palette Knife Painting: Self Portrait and Landscape

Contours and Gesture: Pen & Ink

Bones and Skulls: Charcoal Still Life

Metamorphosis and Change: Acrylic Painting

Altered and Overlapping Still Life: Oil Pastel

Social Issue Poster

Halloween Chalk Board Art with guest artist Joe Lee Davidson

Oil Pastel Nature Abstractions

Silk Screen and Printed Mark Making: inspired by microscopic biology

Rope and Hand Drawing and Collaborative mural 

Monochromatic Landscape: Atmospheric Perspective

Watercolor Landscapes

Word Art and Poster Design: Robert Indiana inspired painting project

Black Box Still Life Painting

Three Point Perspective Building Design

Watercolor Birch Tree Landscape