2015 First Semester Art Happenings

AP Studio Art and Advanced Drawing and Painting practiced their skills of drawing from life with this 1970's Schwinn bicycle. 

Students had their choice of dry media for the task and their choice of background.  

Graydon Lehto had great success with the challenge. 

Visting Artist: Joe Lee Davidson

Joe Lee is a local chalk artist, seen here demonstrating his technique. He challenged students to draw their favorite character or create their own character on a 16x20 chalkboard. 

The students' chalkboard drawings were displayed at the final fall Carnation Farmers Market. 

Fundamentals of Drawing and Painting-Period 1

During first quarter, my Drawing and Painting class worked hard on contour line drawing. My T.A., Olivia Seminara, assembled this large piece made up of their contour arm drawings and had drawings. . 


Art Club: Random Acts of Art Project

This fall the Art Club created miniature pieces of art that they placed around school for people to take at random.